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Stereolithography: SLA 250 & SLA 5000

The SLA machine continues to offer class leading accuracy and greater freedom of build area for making large parts.

Crafting fine details by use of its pinpoint fine beam, the SLA creates a part, layer by layer using a laser beam of a digitally controlled UV light in order to photo-cure advanced hardening resins upon which each layer is literally plotted or drawn into creation. Furthermore, compared to many technologies of which build in an additive fashion, the SLA continues to exceed many with its extremely fine layer thickness where each layer is cured upon the last, often as fine as 0.003 of an inch in steps. This precision cure method of drawing each layer combined with each layer added being so thin before another layer is cured to it, leads to exacting models which the customer can use right away with little finishing required. As well, along with improvements in the materials used, the dense liquid is an excellent model needing little finishing before customer use.

Advantage can take your model, adding a few days efforts and create a silicone mold to make even better parts that simulate production materials through our robotic polyurethane vacuum casting system.



ABS, polypropylene, polycarbonate or epdm – simulations so real, you might think we molded your production part.

Customers continue to be amazed that for the price of a few SLA or SLS parts, we can supply a silicone mold and ship polyurethane parts that simulate their production material choices; even color, clarity or texture are possible.

Polyurethanes are well known for being a durable chemistry. What most people don’t know is that this category of material is available in a variety of properties; some soft like rubber that might flex like a cell phone case, while others so tough and hard that they perform in an engine.

Advantage differs from our competition by having taken the best MCP system (a European vacuum cast technology) and through modification and process improvement, we have made it larger to make high volume, fast parts of any size. Depending on size of parts, customers can pick their material from a list offered, and delivery occurs within 3 to 10 days. We also offer exceptions parts of any size or complexity.

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