Advantage Engineering - Automotive Industry


Manufacturing On Demand

Precision parts for manufacturers, component and assembly plants, tier one and two suppliers, and much more all to simplify supply chain and scale capacity.

Whether large or small, simple or intricate parts, turn to Advantage to dramatically improve product development through over twenty years of experience in automotive on-demand manufacturing.

Advantage Engineering - Medical Supply Industry


Accelerated Rapid Prototyping

Custom tooling brackets, complex chassis, and large-scale devices for medical and dental equipment, instrument, and appliance manufacturers - no job is too small or too big!

Turn to Advantage for industrial-grade 3D printing, high-tech CNC machining, and advanced injection molding to make the impossible possible.


Advantage Engineering - Aerospace Industry


Cost-Effective Production

Cost-effective production of lightweight components is a core competency.

Cabin interior components, engine parts, turbine parts and more.  Functional components with complex geometries and defined aerodynamic properties can be manufactured quickly and efficiently.

Advantage Engineering - Consumer Industry


Accelerated Additive Manufacturing

Enhance collaboration, shrink time to market, and protect intellectual property with accelerated additive manufacturing.

Work with an impressive array of materials including clear, flexible and rigid and create astonishingly realistic appearances in modeling.