Carbon Digital Light
(DLS)TM Process

Advantage Engineering Carbon DLS

DLSTM uses digital UV light projection, oxygen permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins to make reliable, watertight, isotropic plastic parts with a surface finish similar to injection molding.

Why Make Parts Using The Carbon DLSTM Process?

  • Parts produced by Carbon DLSTM are stronger and more resilient with exceptional accuracy and mechanical properties
  • Carbon DLSTM parts undergo secondary thermal curing to ensure produced parts have engineering-grade mechanical properties
Carbon's DLS M2 3D Printer

Benefits of Carbon DLSTM Process With Us

Strong & Reliable Part Production

  • Create previously impossible geometries like lattices
  • Fully dense end-use parts
  • Secondary curing process produces parts that are strong in all directions (X, Y, Z axes)
  • Part consolidation – better performing parts and streamlined production

Quality & Service Partner

  • Get the support you need to ensure the produced part is on time and meets your design needs
  • Lead times as low as 3 days

FFF Support

  • DfAM and dedicated project managers ensure you get your part right from the very beginning

Carbon DLSTM M2 Printer


Maximum Part Size:

7.4 x 4.6 x 12.8 inches (189 x 118 x 326 mm)

Layer Thickness:

Layerless, isotropic parts

General Accuracy:

Up to +/- 0.003 inches in + 0.001 inch per inch dimension size
(Up to +/- 0.070 mm + 0.001 mm per mm dimension size)

Production Repeatability:

Up to +/- 0.002 inch (Up to +/- 0.04 mm)

Lead Time:

Can be as low as 3 days


  • Epoxy (EPX)
  • Rigid Polyurethane (RPU)
  • Flexible Polyurethane (FPU)
  • Elastomeric Polyurethane (EPU)
  • Multi-Purpose Polyurethane (MPU)

Applications For Carbon DLSTM

Use Carbon DLSTM when you need low-volume production of strong, high quality parts with uniform surface finish and industrial-grade mechanical properties. Here are some example applications:

Carbon DLS Automotive Bracket
Carbon DLS Low Volume Production
Low Volume Production
Carbon DLS Consumer Products
Consumer Products
Advantage Engineering DLS Customization

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