3D Printing

The industry’s most advanced additive manufacturing process creates the most complex, precision-based parts every time.

Rapid Prototyping

Advanced rapid prototype and traditional injection molding creates clear and strong molded parts. Finished parts include decorative plating, textures, paint and purchased electronics to furnish full assemblies.

Learn more about urethane casting.

Better parts start with a better mold. 5-axis milling, orbital EDM, quick change dies and lots of skilled mold makers ensure high-quality molds to make your parts fast and accurately.

A 24/7 injection molding facility supports prototype and low volume, limited production molding and assembly.


Paints that require pre-or post-heat curing, specialized chemistry or post-inspection testing are a specialty.


Robotic-based ultrasonic welding of components combined with secondary systems for hot plate, spin or vibration welding saves enormous costs compared to specialized automation.

Sheet Metal

Reduce the pierce and blank and trim operations in your die making requirements to end-up with fewer dies and large savings in time and money.

Quality Control

CMM machines, rigid check fixtures and a dedicated QC staff.