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Post-processing of 3D printed parts is still done manually, leading to labor-related challenges including quality, speed, and consistency. Here’s how Advantage Engineering tackles this with sophisticated, automated equipment.
Companies that are concerned about doing their part to save the environment must think about the materials they use when additively manufacturing their products.
Complicated molds are hard to build and often cost much more than the many simpler molds they replace – but they make injection molding more efficient and lead to more durable and reliable parts.
Anyone who relies on prosthetics will tell you that form, fit, and function are critical to gaining back any degree of mobility. For sportspersons, there needs to be a perfect balance. It is how records are broken and medals are won.
In fact, even at the start of the 2010s, it was expected that both innovation and adoption, as far as additive manufacturing was concerned, would pick up pace – but that didn’t happen.
Additive manufacturing is growing rapidly according to a recent Wohlers Associates report – but there are challenges.
Bridge tooling streamlines the production process, allowing you to get new products on the market sooner. Learn more about rapid tooling services from Advantage Engineering.
Rapid prototyping has many key benefits. Learn how this critical process affects your timeline, budget, risk analysis, and more. Visit Advantage Engineering.
Learn more about CNC machining, additive manufacturing, and injection molding before selecting one of these methods for your prototype. Visit Advantage Engineering.