Welcome to Advantage Engineering! For over 25 years, we have been delivering the highest quality products and services to our valued clients across industries, including medical supply, aerospace, consumer and composite products, automotive and so much more!

We were founded in 1994, by offering advanced computer aided design and CNC machine programing to mold builders. Since then, we have continued to advance our capabilities allowing us to always meet the unique and innovative designs of our customers. We pride ourselves on not limiting the design needs of our customers.

We offer low volume and cost effective production molding and assembly, with over 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space to mold world class, limited production parts using aluminum and steel tooling.

We continue to expand our services with top-of-industry tooling and materials. Our growth has not been a matter of chance. We have grown because we provide two basic indispensable benefits to our clients:

Quality and Service!

Advantage Engineering Team
Advantage Engineering - Mark Rauth, Lynda Dettinger, Steve Hengsperger


Advantage Engineering Company History


Advantage Engineering - Assembly

We are dedicated in providing our customers with innovative solutions by utilizing advanced technologies and high-quality standards. Since 1994, we have strived to provide unique custom manufacturing and 3D printing services to aerospace, automotive, medical, satellite, industrial and consumer goods.

We strive to establish long-standing relationships with our customer base by not just meeting, but exceeding their expectations in regards to Delivery, Performance, Pricing, Service and Quality for the Products.

We are focused on the well-being, Health and Safety of our employees without jeopardizing cost and quality of products.

We continue to develop and mentor our employees through enhanced education and training to ensure continued growth for both our employees and the organization.

By using leading-edge tooling and manufacturing technologies, the organization can deliver products and services faster than competitors, resulting in accelerated product development.

At Advantage Engineering, we empower and support companies to bring ideas, prototype, and production with the best Additive Manufacturing Technologies.

Helping company’s business to stay ahead.


We continually strive to be your supplier of choice through our ingenuity, problem solving abilities and leading-edge technology that provides rapid prototyping and low-volume production services as a competitive price.

By improving visibility and continually adapting to ever-changing customer demands and priorities, our agile values and principles are key drivers for customer engagement and satisfaction.



Advantage Engineering - Company Core Values