3D Printed HP Covid Testing Swabs

Advantage Engineering, Inc. has partnered with HP Canada and PAMA Manufacturing and Sterilization to support national requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID-19 testing with additively manufactured swabs using HP Multi Jet Fusion.

These swabs have passed clinical trials sanctioned by Health Canada and have gained regulatory approval (IO #314006).

Swabs can ordered from Advantage Engineering and packaged individually, or as part of a kit through PAMA with transport media (PBS or VTM), which can include a customized personal label.

Advantage Engineering manufactures the 3D printed swabs, and PAMA is responsible for sterilization, packaging, quality control and delivery.

Findings from the clinical study:

• Diagnostic RT-PCR Test Performance Agreement: The actual positive percent agreement is 93.90%.

• Ability to collect a specimen (RNase P): Swabs are similar in their ability to take a sample as compared to control.

• Useability: The nasopharyngeal swabs (SWB-0007) manufactured by Advantage Engineering are comparable to other swabs available on the market in terms of user characteristics, ability to collect a sample and the agreement of test results.

Post-Processed Testing Swab

Advantage Engineering - 3D Printed HP Covid Swab (processed)

Swabs Straight from HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer.
Printed in blocks of 6 x 18 swabs (pictured below).
Each block contains 108 individual swabs. .

Advantage Engineering - 3D Printed Swabs Bulk
Advantage Engineering - 3D Printed Swabs Bulk
Advantage Engineering - 3D Printed Swabs Bulk

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