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Our specialty is rapid prototyping – because with access to all manufacturing processes, we can easily customize our manufacturing process to your design, no matter how big, small, intricate, detailed, complicated, or all around ‘fussy’.

We can deliver on your dream design.

No limitations, restrictions or changes needed.

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Computer-Aided Design data is secure, with all in-house system and tool design


No matter the intricacies of your design, we have the in-house capabilities to deliver on-time


An extensively trained team and regular quality control audits backed by certifications guarantee you get highest quality product



All-in-one solutions provider. Whether you need 1 prototype, or a 1000 – we can get it done.




Welcome to Advantage Engineering! For over 25 years, we have been delivering the highest quality products and services to our valued clients across industries, including medical supply, aerospace, consumer and composite products, automotive and so much more!

We were founded in 1994, by offering advanced computer aided design and CNC machine programing to mold builders. Since then, we have continued to advance our capabilities allowing us to always meet the unique and innovative designs of our customers. We pride ourselves on not limiting the design needs of our customers.

We offer low volume and cost effective production molding and assembly, with over 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space to mold world class, limited production parts using aluminum and steel tooling.

We continue to expand our services with top-of-industry tooling and materials. Our growth has not been a matter of chance. We have grown because we provide two basic indispensable benefits to our clients:

Quality and Service!


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Extensive training is what help us deliver the best solution to our customers.