Strict control of CAD data from in-house system and tool design


On-time delivery guaranteed from dedicated project management


Optimum quality-control through extensive training


Total solutions regardless of 1, 100, or 1000



Advantage Engineering

... was founded in 1994 by offering advanced computer aided design and CNC machine programing to mold builders. This basis of CAD/CAM and machining capabilities has been enhanced countless times as injection molding capability along with sheet metal forming and trimming has allowed us to meet our customer’s request in plastic and sheet metal.

Once Advantage mastered the art of rapid prototype along with aluminum injection tooling for making injected molded parts in quick succession, we moved into limited production. Advantage now offers low – or as we say “limited” production molding and assembly using our aluminum prototype tools or tools specially built for cost effective low volume production requirements. We added over 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space to mold world class limited production parts using aluminum and steel tooling and we offer this service to a growing list of automotive and non-automotive customers alike.

We continue to add unique equipment and new development can be expected as we expand our services. Look for key areas of expansion currently in process which include electrical circuit board assembly and robotic plastic welding among others.

Our growth has not been a matter of chance. We have grown because we provide two basic indispensable benefits to our clients:

Quality and Service!

On-time Delivery

From dedicated project management.


Extensive training is what help us deliver the best solution to our customers.