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We mold and paint in-house. The beauty and durability of painted components extend our offering and value to many customers, especially those who require ISO approved vendors and top notch capability, even when the request is for low volume support at a reasonable price!

We offer partnered support for robotic line painting or in-house lot support with our large 40’x20’ enclosed batch process paint system. We ensure your specifications are met and the results validated.

Paints that require pre or post heat curing, specialized chemistry or post-inspection testing find a home at Advantage Engineering. A fine example of this capacity is our engineered updraft ventilation system to minimize paint spray-related particulate while maximizing safety. Our bright, environmental system is fully temperature controlled, shifting from spray to high temperature oven baking without moving the batch being processed.

Advantage Engineering has extensive experience and a long history supporting highly visible components. Exterior automotive products such as fascia, exterior mirrors, cladding-like rocker panels or even interior trim that requires masking for two or three colors have all been done as prototype and production projects. We even paint specialized medical and industrial components that demand rigorous preparation or paint systems such as medical grade multi layer gloss paint on fiberglass formed products.


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